The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is created to select those foreign skilled workers and professionals who want to settle in Quebec. It is almost similar to the Federal Skilled Worker Program with a different selection criteria.

A Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is issued to applicants who are successful under one of the Quebec immigration programs. Once an applicant is issued CSQ, then they apply to the Federal government for their Canadian permanent resident status.


  • Must intend to work and settle in Québec;
  • Has at least one diploma from a secondary education institution or a diploma from Vocational Studies.
  • Has the proper training and occupational skills that will promote their integration into the Quebec job market.

A validated job offer in Quebec is important, however not necessary if you have experience in a specific AOT (Area of Training) and you meet the required points from the selection factors.


In order to qualify for a CSQ, an individual applicant must attain a score of at least 49 based on a number of selection factors, while an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 57.

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