Young foreign nationals from 32 countries are eligible to work and travel in Canada through the International Experience Canada program for a set duration of time (6 months to 2 years). This program includes young professionals, ​co-ops, students, as well as the popular working holiday program. Program requirements vary by country of origin, but typically include all young people between the ages 18 to 35 (29 or 30 for some countries). These programs are exempt from the need for a LMIA. Acceptance under this program is relatively high as there are less stringent requirements to meet than most other Canadian immigration programs. For example, a job offer is NOT necessary for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa.

Working Holiday

Participants in this program can receive an open work permit, valid for one to two years. Open work permits allow participants to work anywhere in Canada for almost any Canadian employer. Nationals of some countries may be allowed to stay in Canada for more or less than one year.

Young Professionals

Under this program, citizens of participating countries can gain valuable international experience by working for a Canadian company. A signed job offer letter or contract of employment with a Canadian employer related to the applicant’s professional development is required before applying.

International Co-op

This program allows citizens of participating countries who are enrolled at a post-secondary institution in their country of citizenship to spend a period of time interning for Canadian companies. Participants must arrange co-op placements with Canadian employers before applying. Applicants must be registered students for the duration of the internship.

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