Every year thousands of international visitors arrive in Canada to conduct business with Canadian companies. Certain business visitors to Canada may enter Canada to participate in international business activities without a work permit. Permitted activities include attending trade-shows, meetings, seminars and conferences, as well as providing certain contractual after-sales services. If you plan on visiting Canada to explore new business opportunities or to expand current ones, then you may also qualify as a business visitor.  Business visitors may still require a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada and all business visitors must declare the purpose of their visit at the port of entry to be admitted.

To find out if you are eligible to enter Canada as a Business Visitor without a work permit and preparing your application as a Business Visitor, CONTACT US today.

Reasons on which one can come to Canada as a Business Visitor are:

  • Attending business meetings, conferences, conventions, fairs;
  • Buying Canadian goods or services on behalf of a foreign entity;
  • Taking orders for goods or services;
  • Providing after-sales service, excluding hands-on work in the construction trades;
  • Being trained by a Canadian parent company for work outside of Canada; and
  • Training employees of a Canadian subsidiary of a foreign company.

Benefits of our services:

  • We officially represent you at Canadian High Commission & IRCC.
  • We prepare your file submission professionally and as per the rules.
  • We communicate with Canadian High Commission and other government officials on your behalf.
  • We also provide pre-and post-landing services
  • We prepare you for any interview that may arise for your case.

For TRV applications, there is actually a higher risk of refusal in cases where the application is not properly prepared. We find that the number one reason why applications are denied is due to forms being filled out poorly. We will work with you personally to assess your individual situation and provide you with the necessary advice to increase your chances at getting an approval on your TRV applications. Even though there are no guarantees, we certainly can help you increase your chances with our extensive experience.
Most Important
Rejected cases must consult us to find out why you got refusal in your previous attempt.