To qualify under Self-Employed Persons Program, individuals must prove that they have relevant agricultural, artistic, or athletic experience that will allow the them to be successfully self-employed in Canada and make a significant contribution to their field. Farmers, Sports personalities, Choreographers, Singers, Dancers, Actors, Painters, Photographers, Announcers, Interior Designers, Athletes and Coaches, Referees, Framers and many more occupations are qualified under this program.

Two types of self-employed persons will qualify under this program and they are:

  • Person who will make a ‘significant’ contribution to the cultural or sporting life in Canada as artisans or as athletes at an international level; OR
  • Person who has experience in farm management and will be able to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.


  • Have the relevant work experience and intention to become self-employed in Canada
  • Meet the selection criteria for self-employed persons in Canada
  • Meet the medical, security and financial requirements

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